Vyhlášení výsledků Great Taste v Anglii přineslo pěkné překvapení a skvělý pocit. #Meruňky_s_rakytníkem a #Kdoule mají nárok na krásnou černo-zlatou samolepku!‼️

A mildly sweet and sour apricot jam that would be equally good paired with sweet or savoury dishes. 
This promises a lot on the nose and doesn't disappoint on the palate. The fruity sweetness of the apricot has a welcome freshness and the sea buckthorn complements the apricot beautifully, the tart, sour elements contrasting with the sweetness of the preserve and sitting happily with the apricot, with the whole offering great satisfying length on the palate. A triumph!

Once you get past the Sea Buckthorn nose, which can be challenging, this is a really exciting product which sent the judges off into a lengthy discussion of how we would use it, with ideas ranging from pairing it with yogurt to serving in tarts or with cheese. The acidity is bright and vibrant, the low sweetness/ high fruit delivers freshness and all in all, we thought that this was an original and delicious product which deserves a wider audience.


Wonderfully aromatic on nose and palate, and we loved the smooth, velvety texture (despite the inevitable granularity), the lift of acidity, the hint of spiciness and the depth of tropical quince flavour. A wealth of culinary uses suggests itself, but we'd happily just spoon this from the jar, perhaps just considering a touch of thick Greek yoghourt or whipped mascarpone to accompany.

All of the fragrance and freshness of quince is here and the characteristic grittiness in the mouth. This is less of a jam and more of a condiment, which we could imagine eating with cheese or charcuterie.

A deeply coloured smooth paste with a smooth texture like stewed apple. On the palate it starts with a burst of fresh acidity overlaid with gentle quince flavour which lingers allowing you to detect flavours of possibly cardamom and star anise. A very well balanced product. We would be more inclined to call it a conserve.